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Anyone Upstairs?

This is what me and my family heard, and if you wanna know which block is it, just think which block did they always say about, it’s…

It begins when the first day we moved in, it always starts at 12 in the midnight while we were sleeping we heard some screeching sound upstairs and i ask my father whether he heard the screeching of a chair and he said yes. Then i ask my sis and she also heard it and my mum too.

But before we moved in, the agent that my father took said there’s no one leaving at 7th floor so then my father asked why then he said he doesn’t know too. And we were puzzled and i told my dad maybe it’s the owner, but my dad said that “No cannot be the owner, so late at night, crazy” then we went back to sleep.

Then suddenly we heard marbles dropping onto the floor. And there’s alot of things happen upstairs, so i was so angry that i went and take a look inside but there’s nothing in there. Till now the noises is still there and i ask the agent myself what happened to the owner than he told me that there’s one old woman with her grandchildren that their parent had left so they stay with their grandma and all of them died because of some thieves broke into their house and killed them so we got scared but we still leave her and we can still her the noises, laughter and cries.

We just keep quite and don’t say anything. We ignored the noises, laughter and cries and just sleep.

And to all of you out there if you heard anything near your neighbourhood, just ignore and continue what u are doing.

Ps: Some are friendly, some are kind and some are evil so just ignore what they are doing ok. So long…From Your frenz!!!!!!!!!!!!

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