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Okie, heres my story… I am an art student from a local art school in the east area and it was rumoured to be very haunted, especially the dark room. It was told by the lecturers that it was haunted by a female ghost in white and that it was advisable not to be there after dark. Many students and Lecturers have witnessed ghostly screams and strange smell in the dark room.

One of my lecturers was in the darkroom one night alone, preparing some slides in total darkness when he reach out for the enlarger. To his surprise, some one just put it on his hand. He start to say his thanks when he remember that he was alone and that the door was locked. With a start, he just left everything there and left (after locking up) And after some remembering, he found that the hands which pass him the stuff is icy cold, too cold for a human.

Another lectuer was on the ground floor when she look up and saw a white figure floating along the corridors where the darkroom is located..At first she thought it was a student but then she find it uneasy when the figure just walk through the roof door and went up to the roof..As for myself, i always felt uneasy in the darkroom as i always saw greenish stuff floating whenever i look up from my work.

Its witchy gal here again and once more i will tell u about the encounters which the students of my school have encountered. This time this happens to my friend who is in the ceramics department. He (lets call him Y)

He was working late into the night, with his pottery with one of his pals. They were also listening to very loud music from the radio. It was about 10 when both of them heard some rustling sounds from the bushes outside the ceramics workshop. Besides their workshop which is brightly lited, the surroundings is totally dark, especially the canteen which is opposite. Being the curious type, Y and his pal stood up and tries to investigate whatever or whoever is outside. The sounds in the bushes became louder and suddenly, they hear a chuckle. Feeling uneasy this time, they start to pack up and close up when out of the corner of his eye, Y saw a head floating about the bushes..but then when he turn around, it was gone. His heart was beating wildly and he wanted to fled but then he have to wait for his friend to close up and lock the place or else both of them will get into trouble.

However, when both of them step out of the workshop, the head just appear from nowhere and flew past their sight. Just like that. And it was enough for both of them to run straight out to the bustop without turning back. My friend never stay back so late into the night after this incident. And it was my guess that the loud music they were listening to irrates the spirit that it came out and frighten them off.

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