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The Living Dead

Ok, i heard this story from my grandmother. She told me, a couple has jus moved into a new house which was build over a grave which they did not know. This story took place a long time ago so it was probably a kampong house.

Within the few days at the house, nothing happened day and night like it was a happy normal house but until one night, the couple heard a creaking noise which they thought was just some of their kampong house doors creaking. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. They opened the door and it was a person. The person said that he was a neighbour and the couple invite him for tea.

They have invited the person for several times until the wife of the owner of the house asked where do you live. The person said that he lived very near here. After the person left, she thought for a while, there is no house near this house and the nearest house was miles away. She discussed this with her husband and soon enough after the next visit of the person and after the person left, they heard the creaking noise again. The person said he lived very near the house but where he actually lived in was just right below the house!! To their horror, he was a person from the grave.

They called a bomoh and the bomoh came to reveal a coffin below the house(Unusual since malays don’t bury thier dead in coffins) but then they left immediately and moved to another house.

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