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The Bus Ride

It was at night and i was coming home from my fathers office. You seee my pa is doing business and i help him out in his office paper work and further more i had to go to schoool the next day. Because of this routine i was always very tired.

At around 9.30 pm in the night, i catch a bus at city hall opposite peninula plaza. The bus service number is 61 SBS.( At That time). The bus was normal with the normal capacity of people and there were some seats empty. I lived at bukit purmei so i have to dropped at the kampong bahru. I noticed that when the passengers alight the bus many took the seats at the back of the bus and none were standing. I reached my destinantion at around 10.10pm.

As i came down from the exit door, i took a glance at the bus before i crossed the road. I noticed it was a double decker bus with alot of people, mostly older folks, chatting and smiling and some of them even grinning, waving at me! I took it casually but then when i was on the way home, i suddenly realised the bus i had board was only a single deck!! My hair stood on ends! I took a last look to get the bus number for i wanted to go to the bus depot to confirm but it was too far and it was still a double deck.

Suddenly, i realized that those people on the second deck were spirits and ghosts hitching a ride back “home”. I swear this incident really did happened!

PLs note: Pls be informed that since this incident, SBS has discontinued bus service 61 and tranisland bus service has taken over and provided with a double length bus.

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