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The First Time I Saw A Ghost

The First Time The first time I ever saw a ghost scared the living sh*t out of me. But it has been an on going affair in my life ever since.

The first incident occured when I was 12 years old; nine years ago. My brother and I were staying at my aunt’s house for two weeks during the summer. One night, my cousins, my brother and i were sitting around on my cousin’s bed (strangely enough there were seven of us) talking about a friend of ours who had been killed by hit and run incident with a drunk driver a cople of years prior. Then my cousin Sonya, the eldest of us, told us that she still talked to her now and then. Of course we didn’t believe her and thought her full of crap. Well, we kind of just humoured her and asked her alot of questions about it. When all of a sudden she started to just stare off into space. When we asked her what was wrong she just pointed to an empty space on the bed between myself and one of my other cousins. All of our attention was focused on her, !

So when we turned to look at what she was pointing at, we saw her….all of us. There she was, just sitting there, smiling. She didn’t look alive or anything, I dunno it’s hard to explain just what it really looked like–you could see the eyes and the lips and hair, but the rest of her features were just a milky blur. It made you feel strange also, this supernatural presence. It kind of feels like when you’re standing alone somewhere and you can “feel” someone looking at you, the hairs rising up on your neck, and this weird sensation of a chill-even in a hot place. We all looked at her and ran from the room screaming.

We didn’t know what else to do. Finally, one of my cousins and I went back into the room with sonya to check it out further. She couldn’t be seen anymore–she told us that she didn’t want to frighten us further for that was not her intend. But you could still “feel” her in this room, that strange feeling I described before. And, you couldn’t speak to her like you speak to a person of carnate, well you could talk to her with your voice, but that was not how you got your answer. It was all done without words, we just kind of thought things to each other is the only way that I can explain it. After that evening we used to see her all of the time; then months later other beings started to appear in my life and I thought nothing of it. It was normal and natural to me, just as it is now. I kind of like the idea of conversing with the dead, there’s nothing else quite like it.

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