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Sixth Sense

This is not actually a story but a confession.

I was once possesed by a chinese spirit for a few weeks. Though it felt like months for me. It happened at kaki bukit area near the mosque.

My cousin was getting married and i was one of the kendarats(helpers). Approximately at 4, i felt a sharp ache in my legs. I tried to ignore it. However, it got from bad to worse. I couldn’t stand. So, i crept to my cousins house, upstair. I lay there for a while till my parents come to bring me home. The story doesn’t end there.

My parents thought it wasn’t anything serious. While i’m sleeping at night, my mum, who slept beside me, said i will mumble angrily in chinese. Up till now, i find it weird. Those around me said, i was bad-tempered.

We went to this old lady’s house. My dad had to give me a piggyback ride because i couldn’t walk the stairs. When i tries, i felt like needles piercing through my feet. She rub my legs, said a few prayers and asked us to return tomorrow. The next day, when we returned she said she had a bad dream and i was in it.

In her dream, she was sleeping. Suddenly, she saw a huge black silhoutte at the window, holding a gunny sack. I was inside. Then, ‘it’ jumped down and she awoke. It was a bad sign. Clearly, we were dealing with the supernatural.

She couldn’t do anything so she refered us to another lady. This time, she said i was indeed possesed by a chinese ghost cum suffering from a malay illness, ‘denah’. If i’m not wrong.

I was to be cleanse with pumkins juice after saying ‘Ayat Kursi’, 21 times. After the whole procedure, i was back to normal. My leg’s fine. The previously red dots that resembles any old chinese legs was gone.

However, sometimes i feel a sharp pain if i sense that there’s ‘something’ around me. I don’t think i have sixth sense.

What do you think?

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