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The Impersonator

OK…..this happened in my school a few months ago during a camp. I was not the one who experienced this but it might just be true. So here it goes…

It was near midnight. All the campers, except for the instuctors, are already sleeping in the classrooms. One of my instuctor, had gone downstairs to check if the roller-shutter is lock. At the first storey, he met his fellow instructor. He asked her if she needed help with the roller-shutter and she said yes. So he help her, thinking that the ‘she’ is really his fellow instructor. After helping her, he went up to their room where all the instructors sleep. Being a fast runner he barely took 5 minutes.

When he got there, guess who he saw?………It was his fellow instructor polishing her shoe. The same intsructor that he hepled downstairs. Who was the girl he helped downstairs? How could she have gone up so fast while he barely took five minutes? He knew that the one upstairs was the real girl, because he was talking to her….. so he guessed that the one downstairs was an impersonator from the third world.

So…’s my story? Strange, ain’t it? But this is a true story. After my instructor had relate this story, I found out that before my school was build, the space was actually a cemetry. So it’s no surprise if my school is haunted. There is still a lot of strange encounters witnessed in my school(during the same camp) that I can tell…..maybe next time!!!

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