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Tarot Cards

I recently bought a deck of Tarot Cards. It is the Aleister Crowley deck painted by Lady Freda Harris. It contains the invocation of Iao and his dark angel Hru. My boyfriend and i had great fun with it. We’d switch off all the lights in my room and play with the deck.

At first, we took ages to figure out the layout an read the prophecies. However, strange things begin to happen. After the predicted that there was to be a great windfall of money, my boyfriend’s brother died. The insurance compensation was quite substantial. The Tarot Card had been spot on.

I told him i should get the share of money since it was my tarot cards that predicted it. He called me a Bitch and we had a great argument. Finally, he insisted i get rid of the cards and threatened to leave me if i didn’t. I let him leave. I mean, he’s not handsome and what’s more, he’s selfish, he could be when it came to money.

I now play with Tarot deck alone. But i’m worried because every reading i lay out now, two cards are always present-the devil card and the death card. For those who knows bout Tarot cards, you guy should know what i mean.. but those who dosen’t understand then don even think of try the Tarot deck… cause now everything spells trouble for me.

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