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The ‘Undefined’

Here i would like to share with about this ‘UNDEFINED’ who have been freaking me out ever since i was young. I don’t know if its ‘SUPERNATURAL’ or just something else. I wonder whether its Science that is thy one playing the trick..(blind spot??) or issit supernatural. There are 2 things that go shooting through my mind when i experience this. Issit my Guardian or issit something else. This is why i call my story The ‘Undefined’… there is NO WORDS to call it..

Ever since when i was young, i always get this vision of seeing things…and I can only see in at the Corner of my eye and.. when i turn to look at it.. it just went *poof* dissappear. At first, i thought it’s my house that is ABIT haunted.. but i can still experience it outside, even in school.. and even after moving house… it is still there…. looking at me. Just imagine u are doin your homework and then at the corner of your eyes.. you see a figure. *SPOOKY* ARrGghHH! This UNDEFINED thing is unique in a way that.. in the morning i can see a dark figure stationary or walking, at the corner of my eyes.. den at night its the same..but juz that its White.. to contrast with the darkness. and it also don’t hurt you. It just make you feel SCARED. I am just wondering, is it my guardian?? Just beware then.. coz it may be something that you may not expect. Its just like BEING watched 24/7 … gOsh.. but now i don’t experience it much.. when I was YOUNG.. it was so outrageous. Everytime u see FIGURES!! *SCREAM*

Well, if you wanna know more about this EXPERIENCE you can always e-mail me. I tell you, Its gonna FREAK you!

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