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White Woman

This happened to me when i was 5 years old. At that time my mother was invited to attend a malay wedding. Instead of going on sunday afternoon, we went there saturday night. At that time my father was driving a red car to Jurong East were the wedding was held.

Upon reaching, i fell asleep in the car. My parents don’t want me to wake up and disturb the people doing work so they left me in the car. I was sleeping soundly when suddenly i wake up, i saw a woman in a white dress at the 4th story staring at me. At 1st i don’t suspect anything because everyone wears a white dress when they are sleeping and the woman has white curly hair(Ghost do have white curly hair).

Then i saw the bloody red eyes. I started to cry so loud that my mum at the void deck come to me in the car. My mum ask “What’s wrong with u crying so loud”. I just pointed at that thing with shivering hand. My mum too was scared. She carried me and ran to the void deck and left the car door open. Everyone ask what happened and why she left the car door open. My mum explain what had just happened. They was shocked and scared. My father bravely walk to the car and close the car door. He did not look up fearing that the thing might disturb him. That’s all i remembered.

Although it happened a long time ago, i will always remember the woman at the 4th story. Maybe this story is a bit nonsense but it is true. So my advised to u all is that never to sleep in the car alone.

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