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Seventh Month Kiddy Ride

It happened last week on a Saturday. I was on my way home after a nite of pubbing. I’m not a ‘pantang’ person by nature. I was walking home at around 3am during the 7th month, humming a tune to no one.

I happened to walk past this 7-eleven and got myself a red-bull to stay alert. Not far from the 7-eleven, there is this whole row of kiddy-ride machines of cars, aeroplanes, bikes and rockets outside a supermarket.

I went over and sat on one of the kiddy-ride machine, drinking my red bull and smoking at the same time, engrossed in thoughts……

Suddenly, the kiddy-ride machine(a motor-bike) beside mine started to move!(the only 1 moving in the row of machines)

It’s ok if it moves u noe.. it’s really ok because sometimes there is the usual technical/electrical fault somewhere…

But! the song that came with it realli gave me the shivers!

It was a dead singer’s song (Theresa Teng) sang in a little girl’s shrill voice!(with strange laughters in the background)

What the heck! I made a dash for my life……

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