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Pulau Ubin

This incident occurred about 10 years ago. I was 19 years old then. My friends and I (about 8 of us) were on a camping trip at Pulau Ubin. As usual, we were having a campfire that night. It was already past midnight when I saw the Pontianak. We were sitting in a circle and I was playing the guitar while my friends were singing a few songs.

Suddenly, I felt a hairy hand touching my head. I was feeling disgusted, I yelled at my friend sitting next to me thinking that it was him doing that to me. He denied and I continued playing my guitar. While I was playing, I felt somebody was starring at me from above the tree. I quickly looked up and to my shock, I saw a lady with long hair and a pair of red bloody eyes starring at me. Without hesitation, I shouted to my friends, “Pontianak!Pontianak!” All of us ran helter-skelter to a nearby jetty.

Once we reached there, we could hear the voices of a woman’s laughter. It was so scary that I had a cold sweat. We stayed in the jetty until the next morning and never ever visited that place again. It was such a terrifying experience for me.

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