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Bedok Reservoir Horror

It was one of those days when i and my friends decided to go out at night exploring. We had decided to go one round around Bedok Reservoir. Some of us cycled and the rest were rollerblading. We were bored to death at home and decided to have some fun. We talked about alot of things and we even scared ourselves. We particularly tried to scare our friend Sam who was very afraid of the ghost and supernatural.

3/4 of the way we stopped to have a rest and go too the loo then we continued and thats where we reached the hill. The hill is located at the back of the ntuc. We had to go through the forest part to get to the back. Thats where it happened. We all felt cold and the bushes and trees seemed to shake and we could hear laughing. We all heard it and did not know what to do. We all stood still for awhile then decided to run for it. As we were running, we felt something was chasing after us but we didn’t dare look behind. We rushed down the hill and didn’t stop till we reached the playground. When we reached the playground, our hearts were beating non-stop and you could see the fear in our faces. After a short break, we all rushed home and didn’t stop for anything.

Ever since that incident, we haven’t gone back there at night as we don’t wish to go through that horror again.

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