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This incident happened in Temasek poly IT building level 5 at the locker area. I kept my soccer ball in my locker and every Wednesday I had soccer match from 2p.m to the late evenings usually around 8. On one of those days, my soccer match ended at 8p.m, which was rather late as most students had already, went home. So I intended to keep my soccer ball in the locker.

When I went up to the level 5, there was silence and it was creepy. The lights have been switch off and every footstep I take can be heard. There was 2 door exit in the locker area, one which leads to the elevator and the other to the emergency exit. I was alone up there as my friends are too lazy to follow me.

As I walk towards the locker area, I feel that my hairs stood up suddenly and a sudden cold breeze overwhelmed me. I try to be as fast as possible, running towards my locker and open the locker lock. But as I was too nervous, I kept stumbling over the locker combination.

Suddenly at the corner of my eyes, I noticed someone was at the emergency exit door. Very seldom someone uses that door to enter, and at this time around I?m sure that got to be some inhuman thing. But not to get my imagination running wild, I turn my head to see whether I whatever I saw was a ghost or some old cleaner. It was the cleaner?I was so glad. ?Hi boy! Never go back yet izzit??? Shouted the cleaner. Just as I want to say that I was going back at the cleaner. HE DISAPPEARS!!!!! He disappears into thin hair.

Suddenly the it became cold and there was a COLD BREEZE?I ran out and never came to the place alone again.

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