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This story maybe some of you know. Let me start off. This story was told by my mum and my grandmother. Long ago, in their village lived a couple who have been married for some time lets call the husband Ali and the wife Fatimah. The parents of Ali did not liked the Fatimah and usually when Ali goes visiting his parents, he will not bring Fatimah with him.

One day at about noon, Ali went to his parents house as usual without Fatimah following. At about 7 o, ‘clock in the evening …Ali returned home and told Fatimah to follow him to his parents house..She resisted but she knows her resistance is nothing so she tagged along. Along the way to Ali’s parents house, Ali sing a song with this line *(Senja redup redup, bintang kilau kilauan ,adik jangan takut, malaikat jalan malam malam) repeatedly. Being scared, Fatimah scolded her husband for singing that song repeatedly.

Upon reaching Alis’ parents house, Ali told Fatimah to go into the house by the front door while he go from the back door. Upon reaching the front door, Fatimah was dazed by the crowd encircling a corpse. She later found out that the one who is dead is his very own husband.!!!! Then she realised that the one who invited her with Ali’s appearance is a Malaikat .(TRANSLATION OF THE SONG*the dusk is nearly comin, the stars is twinklin, little sister don’t be scared, Malaikat walks around all night)

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