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SOC Adventure Nite

This based on True Story…Begins on 29.08.2001

There were seven of us (all males) begin our adventure nite at 11:30p.m. Our first stop was Kg Wak Hassan(Old Sembawang). We were greeted by the sound of gooses which came from the bushes which on our left!! One after another had goosebumps beneath our attire. We remains calm and hit for the shore nearby.

Upon our arrival, we looked out for the nature surrounds us and guess…. on our left, there’s a Chinese Altar with surfaced by a gush of fire (as if there have been someone just offered joystick in a big quantity !!) And…. to our right, there’s a huge, humangous tree( which I couldn’t figure out what tree was it) and suddenly… we saw one and only Pelican flew towards us in a circular manner while staring at us like an owl sprowling beyond our reach. We were stunned yet terrified cause anything could have been surfaced from that!!! With that kind of soul preying on us, we decided to strech our legs and head towards our van.

Suddenly, we saw….. one figure…sitting next to the driver’s seat. It was the Lady in White !!! Huge and Tall with her head touching the height of the van. Oh My God !!! Our Legs trembled but still, we remains calm. I managed to glanced at her looks, eeehh… scary. Half of Her face was covered by her long hair…. We took our courage and counted till three and torched the interior of the van. It vanished !! And I set to drive the van out !!

With those eerie encountment, we pursue for our next site – The Old Changi Hospital at about 2 a.m. To shorten the story…. one of my friend eventually saw a Pair of Red Eyes observing us from the 2nd level. (He mentioned to me immediately but I didn’t see at all). We proceed into walking up into one of the Blocks, into one of the rooms, we heard a screeching sound of the door followed by a LOUD THUD !! One of my friend, leaped ahead of me !! Everyone of us remains calm and total silence. We did’t even dare to turn around!! At this point of time (4.30 am), we headed towards our van (about 200 metres far). While one of my friend was ‘busy’ taking last few shots on his digital camera… all the seven of us heard ‘PSSSS’ sound which came from our left (as there was some bushes). The sound made up to 4 times as if IT was refraining us from leaving the Place!! But we did. (Siow ! who want surrender our souls…)

On the night itself, we gather and view the Digi Video and saw… one Figure, either jumping or walking (which we can’t decide even after zooming It). It appeared out of some of the nowhere bushes….

Still stick to our main Thesis… We are Heading to Pusara Aman, Bidadari and some old vacant, rundown premises….

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