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The story i’m going to tell is still happening in my home right now. The first time i encounter with this visitor when the first time i move into this house. I was alone waiting for my parents to come home, then suddenly the bell ring continously. I thought it was them. When i open the door there’s no one there. I just kept calm, close the door and went to sleep.

The second incident was a different incident. This time, i was expecting my friend to come to my home. When i was waiting, the bell ring (this is the second time) so i open the door but there’s no one. Then i saw my friend at the carpark waving at me asking me to come down. I came down and followed him. He kept moving more further from the carpark. Lately, i realise that i was far from my home and i was near the main road. But who is this person who looks like my friends. So i decide to get back home and give him a call. I was shock when i call him he was at home. I told the whole incident to my family. My brother didn’t believe me but my parents told me to ignore.

Until one day while we’re watching UEFA cup final, suddenly the bell ring in the middle of the night. My brother open the door since he’s the one who didn’t believe. To his shock, there’s no one at the door but the weird thing is before he open the door, there is a person’s shadow outside door and the bell button seems to be press down by someone and the bell is still ringing when he is standing at the opened door while there’s no one outside.

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