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Changi Camp

This incident occured during my pri school camp in pri 5. This camp place was actually an old deserted school in changi. It has been constructed to a camp place for those that organizes camping trips during school holidays. We had our tents pitched up in a field. Beside the field lies a tree that looks like five fingers and it does look like five fingers like the shape of your palm.

That night, me and my two other friends chatted with neighbouring girls late at night around 2am to 3am. While i was standing while others were sitting, i saw a white figure about a distance away staring at me so i stared at it back as i was curious if that thing was human or something.

But my eyes suddenly blinked and that figure was gone. I took another glimpse just to make sure so i just kept quiet. After that, me and my friends returned back to our tent. We decided to take a stroll around the field and everybody were sound asleep.

Suddenly a womans voice shreaked out nearby the five fingered tree saying out “Tolong,tolong” means help. My friends heard that too and we ran back to our tent leaving me behind as i tripped and fell over the tents strings attached to the ground but feeling frightened, i continued running back my tent despite my injuries on my knee. We talk about it in our tent and feeling frightened, we went back to sleep.

Was that figure representing the voice of that womans voice that shouted for help? Who knows?

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