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Leg Grabber

It was during the 1999 september school holidays so my aunts usually during this time of the year always book chalet. So the whole family gathered for the occasion.

As I am always the last to arrive to the chalet, at that time of moment I found that my chalet room was beside the chalet room what is well known as the haunted chalet. My aunt also knew about it but both of us decided too keep it to ourselves.

It was around 11:45pm when my grandmother ask me to massage her feet. So she lie down on the bed on the lower deck of the chalet. I sat on the bed at the very corner of it. As i massage her leg, i felt as though somebody is trying to hold my leg and it was coming from the bottom of the bed. I ignored it. But as soon as i was about to forget about it, my right leg was being grabbed. So it was my sudden reaction to volley my leg as though i was kicking a soccer ball. And what to my expectation there was a loud ‘THUD’ sound on the wall as though someone was being push to the wall. But there was no one there.

My aunt, my mother and my cousin witnessed all that happen as they was at the balcony facing into the chalet, only my grandmother just heard the thud sound. All of us decided to sleep at the second deck but it doesn’t end there. My mother’s arm was being push while she was sleeping as her arm was blocking the path to the bedroom door. And i’m the only one who witnessed it. It sure doesn’t look like she herself pull her own hand away.

The next day, my leg and my mother’s arm were swollen. Well this is not the first time that had happen to me…………

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