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It was our school annually camp and we are going to stay in school for two days. We are supposed to have a nite out at Nite Safari and we are excited to go for the trip. After we reached there, we are all splited into groups and moved around on our own, as i always stick to my close frenz, we decided to go on our own.

We were tired of the whole trip and therefore we are late to the meeting place. We were to rush back to school on time and by the time we rushed back, it was already 9+pm. We were surprised to know that a female classmate of us was haunted by a pontianak in the Nite Safari. She was extremely shocked by the white figure she saw in the safari, she claimed that she was walking with a friend and suddenly saw a white female figure appeared right in front of her and she just to scare to scream!

I saw her broke down into tears and her face was as pale as paper. All of her close frenz just stay and console her and to ve her comforts. At the same time, another female classmate of mine decied to take a breather at the back of the school. She wanted to hide at the back of the school to have a puff of cigarette. Even it was against the school rule, she just could not kick her habit.

She was all alone there when everbody are busy with their own things. She just squatted there puffing away and suddenly she just felt that someone is looking at her. She looked up and found a floating image on the old tree betweeen the basket ball court and the field, the ghostly image was waving at her. Asking her to come over. She cried out for her life.

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