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Who’s That Girl?

Ahmad was the eldest in the family. Being the eldest, he’s always left in charge of his sister, 6 and brother, 12, when his parents was out. So one day, his parents was going out, it was about 6pm and Ahmad was reminded not to let his sister and brother out to play as it was going to be dark soon. After their parents left, Ahmad decided to watch the television and so both his siblings join him. While watching, his sister felt asleep, he and his brother keep on watcing the TV till his parents came back around 11+.

The next day, his mom ask him why he let his sister out to play when she told him not to. Ahmad, still puzzled, denied that he has let her play… and told his mom that she has been sleeping beside him the whole night when he’s watching TV. His mom told him that yesterday, around 7+ his sis went to his neighbour house to look for her, the neighbour was sewing on the sewing machine which was located at the window(facing the corridor). She said that, his sister came up to the window, and ask ‘Mak mana??’. (Where’s mom??) and the neighbour told her that her mom’s not there and told her to go back as it was getting late.

So till now, it’s still a mystery….. How did Ahmad’s sis manage to go to the neighbour’s when she was beside her brother all the time. Even the door was locked and there’s no way a 6 years old can reach to the top of the door to unlock the door……

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