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Just A Dream

Hiya People…What i am going to relate isn’t a ghost story but something that i experienced quite some time ago in 1997.

Well in early 1997 a painful occassion happened to me and my family. It was the death of my late grandfather. I was very closed to my grandfather and i was all along spending my time with him during his “SICK” days in hospital until he passed away right infront of my eyes. It was dreadful one because i loved him so much. I cried non-stop till i was coaxed by the other family members.

Ok I’ll go straight to the point. After his funeral, my house held a prayer cum a feast thing. Muslims usually did this for the dead ones, giving them respect and etc.

Well at night was a totally different experience for me. I felt a little bit scared and there were a mixture of feelings. You know i felt like the presence of my grandfather. I couldn’t sleep and thus i went to the living room to find the other family members sitting and sleeping in the living room. I asked my sister why they all slept there instead and she said that all of them just couldn’t sleep. They also felt different…just like me…they felt the presence of our beloved grandfather.

Few days had passed. Yet all of us were still sleeping in the living room. We could still feel the presence at times. But on one unlucky or maybe fortunate…i don’t know how to consider it…i dreamt of my grandfather. He kept on following me wherever i go. Then he will disappear suddenly and out of the blue…again he was there tailing me. I had this same dream for 3 days in a row and i was kind of scared. I didn’t know what the dream meant so i decided to asked my mum. She said that my grandfather was kind of asking me to pray for him…i mean to offer him prayers. Sort of like that lah…

I didn’t know why am i the one my grandfather would like to appear in my dreams…maybe i was very close to him and that he knows how i much i loved him and missed him since he passed away…

Thankfully…now i didn’t experienced such dreams anymore…because its kind of scary for me…to meet with the dead in dreamland… But still…i do feel his presence at times…looking at me at one angle from some corner of the house…anyway i hope that he rest in peace in heaven now…

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