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Seven fingers

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Sarah. It was her 7th birthday but she had no friends so that meant of course no party. So Sarah’s dad went out with her to the shops to buy Sarah a present.

When they arrived at the shop everything looked dark and gloomy “Uhh Sarah My Dear Are You Sure This Is The Right Shop?” her dad said. Sarah looked around and replied “Yes” She walked deeper into the shop and saw a shadow standing in the corner. She walked over and saw a figure of a clown swaying his hands holding up 6 fingers.

“I Want This One!” Sarah exclaimed “Yes dear” her dad answered. When they got home it was getting late and Sarah’s parents were going to go out shopping. “Lock all the Doors Sarah!” Her dad said “If anyone comes in call us” Her mum said “AND go to sleep at 9:00 sharp!” they both said. “Okay,okay just get lost” Sarah snapped.

At 9:00 Sarah relized it was time to go to bed so she turned the tv of and went upstairs. She tucked herself in to her bed and closed her eyes.. but suddenly she heard a faint noise “sarah.. im in your kitchenn..” “oh my who was that?” she mumbled to herself after 5 minutes or so she fell back asleep “ coming up your stairs” the voice said again. But Sarah didnt hear.

Once again there was a voice except now it was screaming “SARAH IM RIGHT NEXT TO YOUU!” Sarah woke up startled and turned around…. She was dead. The clown had killed her.

When Sarah’s parents arrived they saw something on their roof. The dad went to go get a torch but thats when he relized that the figure was the clown! Holding Sarah’s head in his arms and his hand were swaying.. but this time he was holding up ’7′ fingers >:)

-The end- ~Tori

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