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If you want to see the scariest places in Singapore, you guys should have served NS in the Police Force or Civil Defence.

Ok here goes. In CDA junior officers locker room at nite you can see the lockers shaking, sand being thrown and people calling or whistling when there’s nobody around. The dummies you use for training can change position from one direction to another. I have seen this personally while doing my NS stint there.

Tracom this is another scary place. I have a friend who was in the 86th intake and their barrack was blk 14 which was the Dark Museum the place where they keep the old murder weapons and stuff. The guys back then say a white figure in the trees and at one point, there was this guy who was possessed. He was sent to IMH and was exempted from NS. He was a malay guy but when he was possessed, he could speak in chinese, japanese and in a lady’s voice. It is also said that the tree near the swimming pool is haunted coz you can hear laughter at nite. By the way if you are sent there, remember to hear out for “THE MARCHING” at nite!

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