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Who Are They?

Last school holiday, my family decided to go to Genting. At there, we went to one of their attractive places, something like the dinosaur bones as the enterance.

While we were walking, I saw this statue. It is about 6 feet tall. I made fun of it. When we get tired, we went back to our hotel. I told my family to do some prayers first because it is about 7.10p.m. I just could not bear to stand, i accidentally slept. Non of my family suspect this.

About 7.45p.m., I don’t know where my family members is. I thought they went down to buy some souvenir. When “they” returned, “they” asked for a walked down at the theme park. That time, I was ½ asleep and ½ awake. I don’t took note about their faces. “They” went down the fire exit staircase. They brought me down to the bottom floor which there are alot of pipes. Then, my mind said that the pipes are the theme park. I followed whey “they” took me to. Then there come a part “they” asked me to go under a huge floating boulder. I accidentally hit the wall and became ½+½. I regain my conciousness and notice the floating boulder dropped down beside my head! I was lucky. “They” suddenly dissappered. I saw the last of them had the same face as the statue!

I was found by a coffee shop worker. I was sent to my real family. I was lucky I am still alive. I told them but they don’t believed me but the coffee shop worker believed me. Notice: Don’t make fun of statues.

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