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Delivery Rider Nightmare

This stories happen to 1 of my rider who is on the last order. He was suppose to send the pizza to a customer at a private housing at west coast. As his bike pass by some uneven road, he start to fear but too bad, he still has to deliver the pizza.

It was about 11.30pm. He was feeling sleepy cause the place is far inside near a Shipyard. He decided to park his bike on the main road and walk in. As he was approaching the house, he felt his hand hair standing on their end but he decided to walk on. He later saw a woman in his late 60 looking at him. As my rider was a friendly people, he smile back.

As he walk nearer, he saw that the woman has no eyes so he run and throw the pizza on the floor and run all the way to the main road, got on his bike and speed back to our restaurant. Later he was scolded by the restaurant manager for not sending the pizza. Such a sad thing. See ghost, still get scolded.

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