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Haunted Sec Sch

This is my true story.

I live in Woodlands but i study in Yishun. I believe that Yishun is haunted cos I once lived there.

Every nite, there would be some irritating sounds. I study in Nss which is believe to be haunted. There are many ghost stories about my school. It is believe that about 8 years ago, (when the school just started) a girl jumped off from the 3rd level of the school building. We don’t know what actually happened. Her spirit haunts the malay girls in our school once in a year.

On one friday, I was doing my prefect duty where my friends and I heard one girl screaming. She kept shouting that she wants to take revenge. We were all so frightened. The girl is a malay dancer from our school. Her friend who knows some tricks tried to calm her down. Some of us went to hold the girl. After a while, she fainted. She later came back to her senses. I was so scared. This is what happened.

There are still a lots of stories about my sch eg.toilets and the library. The most famous one is the girl who disappeared 8 years ago when she went to the rooftop. (my school got a big clock on the rooftop.) My school seniors told me that she will appear at 12 am everyday. Do you all believe???

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