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This incident happened when i’m in primary four. I live in a three room flat in Tampines. It was late that night.

My parents and i shared the same room. I was sleeping on the floor when suddenly i woke up. I found my parents were fast asleep. When i looked at the cupboard in front of my parents, I saw a woman resembling my mother wearing only a towel bath. I could’n believe my eyes. I looked at my parents again. My mother was fast asleep. My mind was thinking how could she be standing in front of the cupboard when she was right now sleeping. I looked at the cupboard again. The ‘woman’ was still there. Her eyes were really, really big and it was staring at me. I was dumbfounded. I went to my mom and woke her up. When my mother woke up, I looked at the cupboard again. The ‘woman’ had dissapeared.

I told my friends about this incident the next day. My friends also lives in Tampines. My friend said that Tampines was once a cemetry. I don’t know wherther it is true or not. But the incident that happened to me was real. It was such a nerve-wrecking experience.

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