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Hand From The Water

This happened around a few years ago. I was around 13 years old at that time. I like to go fishing with my dad all the time. It was cool and fun till the day i saw the hand from the water. That incident made me stop fishing for very long time.

My dad and i was on a boat near Pulau Hantu. My dad was at the rear side of the boat whereas i was at the front side. It was 3 am in the morning and my father decided to doze off while holding the fishing line. I was all alone and still fishing. Suddenly i had an eerie sensation but i ignored it and continued to fish. I could feel the line being pulled so i was excited and gave the line a big pull. But to my surprise the line kept pulling back into the water. Something was fishy so i continued to pull the line. When i felt that the line no longer moved, i pulled it slowly to the surface to see whether the bait was still there. I took out a torchlight to shine at the hook to see whether the bait was still there. I was shocked when i saw a hand reaching out to grab the hook. I quickly let go and was stunned for a while. My dad woke up and was shocked to see me in that condition. He quickly lift up the anchor and moved off.

I was in high fever for a few days because of the shocking experience and thats why nowadays i don’t fish.

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