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Well… this story took place in this year 7th month and last year want. Last year during 7th about 3/4 am.. my doorbell will just ring..non-stop. It will countine until about half an hour. As we thought that maybe our doorbell was spoilt my dad decided to get new batteries for the doorbell and repaired it. But on that night.. the same thing happens.. the doorbell just won’t stop ringing..As my mum was curious she decided to look at the window from upstairs her bedroom her surprise she saw a white figure pressing the doorbell. She was so shocked that she deicided to went back to sleep.

This year … something weird happens again. Well you see … my telephone is 1 line but is connected to 2 phones 1 upstairs.. 1 downstairs. My phones were working prefectly fine in the mornings and afternoons but during the same period of time, 3-4 am … the down stairs phone will just ring.. is really surprising as the upstairs phone did not ring at all.. and worste … the ringtone will different from my normal ringing tone…is was going “DO.. DO…” while my phone actually gives out a “do do .. do do ” ringing tone.

Being curious but scared.. my mother decided to pick up the upstairs phone.. she hear clucking noises and she hurried put down.. till now … the phone still rings .. i hope that it will stop after this year 7th month…

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