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Handphone Ghost

This incident happened when a group of friends and I decided to check out the ol’ Changi hospital. When we reached there, i decided to turn off my handphone for who knows what reason..Well i did and after about an hour’s worth of unsuccesful exploring, we decided to leave.

It was already around 11:30 at night then, we took the bus and ended up relaxing at Tampines Central Park. I turned on my handphone again and there was 1 new voice message. I acessed my mailbox wondering who was the one who had left me a voice message. What i heard on the message really freaked me out.. It was a lady speaking in a very raspy voice in malay “You get out of here now..don’t disturb me!” and in the background was the sound of a baby crying. I checked the time the message was sent and it was 11:10pm..about the same time we passed by the maternity wards!!

Pretty weird…but i guess if you want to try it out for yourself you could…just sign up for the outing..and turn off your handphones!!

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