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This story happened right after my “O” levels. As rite after my big exams, i was so bored so i began to indulge myself in the occult.

I began to read up articles on witchcraft relating to white/black magick, ceremonial magick ,enochian magick and also gypsy magick …etc. The books said that this was a religion and is a good one, so i believed.

So one day i bought a book that teaches people (or amatures like me) how to cast spells in Borders. I find it cool and decide to do some of the spells there.

During the holidays, i was unemployed and so therefore “cashless” and broke. So i decided to try out one of the money spells in the book. Involves using candles forming circles, burning incense and invoking the God. So i did what i was instructed in the book.

Weeks later i really got my money!!! And i was like so god-damn happy. It came to me from my aunt whom struck lottery. I think that was too much of a coincidence. However things start to turn out not so well after i spent the money. In witchcraft, witches believed that what is cast out will come back to you by three times. And yep! i got my tribulation.

I tell ya’ the week i got my tribulation was terrible. 2 weeks of complete agony. Friends start to avoid you for no reason, my parents starts to pick fight on me for NO reason, things started to get lost, can’t sleep at night…etc… In short… things just got worse each time. Too much of a coincidence again huh???

So my advice to you people out there is not to mess with things of the supernatural. Coz you just don’t know who or what they are.

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