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Well, this story was an eerie experience i encountered when i was serving my national service in the police.

One night around 3a.m there was a called complaint by a resident who`s neighbours kept making noise arguing in the middle of the night. So my seargant and i went out and try to resolve the problem. It was somewhere in Bedok. I was told to stay in the car by my seargant while he went upstairs to check things out. The irritating neighbour was in the 13th storey, so after everything has been resolved my seargant decided to take the lift downstairs, it was the olden kind of lifts where level 1, 6 and 12 are available.

So my seargant waited for the lift…the lift stops at is 3.30 am in the morning and he was wondering who could be taking the lift so late at night..the lift opened at level six and to his suprise a Pocong (hantu bungkus) hopped in, my seargant froze for a while and peed in his pants. I was downstairs when the lift opened and that thing just jumped around 100 metres away into a nearby canal. I couldn’t believe what i`ve just witnessed, my seargant was still in the lift sitting down and shaking…I picked him up and he was still in a shocked stage. We went back to the station and dared not tell this incident to anyone till now.

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