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Two Woman’s Eyes

This is a true story which happen in June 1997 at Tampines. Do you know that some SMS pictures showing two eyes of a woman are cursed. Those people who downloaded these pics unto their handphones have the misfortune to encounter unpleasant thing at night. In June 13 1997, my friend downloaded a 2 woman eyes unto his handphone from the newspaper. Two days later he gets nightmare everynight about 2 eyes chasing after him in a cemetery.

He then decided to delete the 2 eyes from his handphone but first he send it to one of his good friends. The friend later told him he gets nightmare of 2 eyes chasing after both of them in a cemetery. Then my friend asked him whether he sent it to other people. The latter said ” yes, why?”.

The other fellow who received the picture on his handphone went back to the sender 2 days later to relate his bad dream of the two eyes and said that both of them were running away from an evil monstrous spirit together with another fellow he don’t know. Later they found out the other fellow is my friend running away with them.

But the last one receiving the message never bother to delete it or send it to someone else. One week later he was found dead petrified on his bed with two white eyes balls wide open as if he had encountered something terribly horrible not belonging to this world………

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