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Ghost “Brother”

This story is told by my classmate, by the way it’s not a story. It’s a true experience.

It happen when my friend was about kidergarden. One day his mother and his brother go out to buy things. He and his father was alone at home. Then he ran out of the house and go up to another floor.(I forgot why he go up, but if i’m not wrong, i think he heard some sound). He saw his brother and his brother look at him,(He, my friend, don’t know what is his brother doing) then he just walk down back to his house, and his brother follow him.

(You see, his brother go out with his mother already rite, then who is that “brother”)

Then, the two of them play together and his father was just siting at the chair reading newspaper, suddenly his brother go and pinch him, he cry out then, his father turn and look at them, as he look at them, the brother let go of his hand. Then he, my friend, run toward his father.

Then he saw his father face was shock, his father then quick read some prayers and then the brother disappeared.

This is what my classmate tell me, when i ask him he saw ghost before or not. And when he was saying it, his face look quite scare about it.

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