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Lady In White

This story which happen to me when I was teenage time.

It is a fasting month for all muslim, so one morning I woke up up as usual at around 4.30am to take my breakfast(Sahur)at that moment only myself, my sister, brother and father was at home. My mum is working night shift…After we had finish our food all my family went back to their room to continue sleeping. Left me alone cleaning and washing the dishes, after everything is done, i felt a cooling breezing wind blow from the window next to where I stand. I just ignore it as I enjoyed it.

I started to walk back to my room. my sister is still not sleeping, waiting for me. When suddenly this happen soon after I switch off the lights and jump up onto my bed. I’am not asleep yet when my heart started to beat very fast and I can feel that my hair is standing up like something is wrong. I try to get up but I can’t. I try to open wide my eyes and I can’t do that too. I try my best by peeping and I saw someone just infront of me walking past my legs. The things is white. The hair is quite big, curly till shoulder length. I can feels the cloth as the thing is walking towards my sister when she is about to come near my sister. I try to pray what ever I can but it seems like the words can’t even come out from my voice. When the thing is about to touch my sister, I try to pray even louder and the things gone. What I can hear now is that my voice is saying out loudly the prayer.

The next day I asked my sister did she notice about the incident early this morning, to my surprise, she says she too could feel something was wrong but dare not open her eyes.

Even until today, I still can feels and remember the incident clearly. So wait until the next things that happen to me…..bye.

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