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The Tall Green Guy

This story is about an old green guy who live to be about 200 or 2000 years old.

One day, my neighbour’s cousin, went to their house for a few days. At that time, I didn’t know that cik Normah(my neighbour’s cousin) has a problem until one day. My neighbour, Farah told me that when cik Normah was praying, she suddenly faint. Well! it means that the green guy was in her body at that time. My neighbour describe the green guy as green in colour, very tall and very old. How did they know? Farah said that the green guy told cik Normah’s brother(farah’s father) about him(the green guy). That green guy asked Farah’s father to tell cik Normah to pray everytime as to forget the problem. When the green guy vanished, cik Normah faint and didn’t know what had happened.

Farah also told me that the green guy will always know whether cik Normah has a problem or not. That was something I couldn’t believe. WOW!!!!

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