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Spooky Night

It all happened when i saw a “SWORD” downstairs… It seem to be those swords used to subdue chinese ghost in the shows or movies. It is in a perfect condition lohz. But after i pick it up that night, i show off and haolian to my sister and she say i ‘KARUNG GUNI’. I was so angry that i can’t tolerate her i took the sword to hit her head. Not very hard but her head went bleeding profusely!!!! I was so nervous that i threw it to the floor and went to find the first aid box. My dad scolded me and i was very tire of the cleaning up.

Before i slept, i was thinking, i was the only one who knew how much strength i used, but how could it lead to the big cut and bleeding? As i think and think… i fell asleep…..

The next day, i woke up with a very high fever and as i stand up, i find my head aching. In the noon, i got flu and sore throat… Is it all because of the SWORD??? Anyone believe that the sword is “DIRTY”???? My dad told me to throw away the sword… In the end, i relunctantly threw it away…………. haiz.

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