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Actually i don’t really believe in ghost coz for me they don’t exist..but i end up to believe it. It happen one night where i was at a multi-storey carpark near my house parking my bike. It was around 3.15am in the morning, pretty cold night at that time..i’m a clubber type of guy and will be back late at night so this unfortunate night really teach me a lesson not to be back late at night..hahaha

So after parking my…bike and about to leave the place, i heard someone calling my name at behind of a pillar at the carpark. It started giving me goosebump when that happen. The pillar was about 10m away from the place i was standing..i know that somethin spooky going to happen, so i leave the place immediately as i could.I start my pace as fast as possible just wanted to reach home quickly..

Then.. i almost reach to the pillar where there is an exit door to get out from the spooky carpark..& the pillar is where i heard someone calling me..but to my surprise, i didn’t see anyone there…i started to run out. Then again i heard someone “wee weet” at me so i stopped, coz only my friends will “wee weet” at me & i thought it was juz a stupid joke by my friends at my neighbourhood. surprise when i turn back, i saw three white figure. Actually it’s a malay style corpse or known as “pochong” jumping around at the second level of the multi storey carpark,,,The shock doesn’t stop me to run home, i shouted for my mom that morning, which make all my family & neighbours awake & they asked me what happen?

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