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Terrible Encounter

Actually I could not remember this incident very clearly. This happened to my friend’s cousin.(think so)

My friend and his cousin with their parents went to kedai kopi(coffee shop) to eat. At that time it was night. Quite near to the coffee shop, there is a small playground. They ate until they’re full and rest.

About a few minutes of resting, my friend(alone) went to the playground to play the swing. It is quite dark over there.

Not long after, he suddenly saw a black figure fell to the ground. He thought that it is a dead bird but when he looked down, he saw not a single black thing.

He quickly ran to where his cousin was and told him what had happened. His cousin did not believe what he had said. He then went to the playground by himself as my friend dare not go there anymore.

He played the swing happily. Not long after, his happiness was shattered. Suddenly, he saw a very bright light just right on top of him. When he looked up, he really saw a kain putih(white cloth/figure) flying around. In fright, he ran towards my friends. He told everybody and none of them believed except my friend.

As a result, he was down with fever for five days.

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