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Noordin Camp of Pulau Ubin

Hello to all..After reading so many stories about Pulau Ubin..I have decided to share this incident with all of you..Although I am not the one who experienced it and i got this story from my friend who got it from her senior…I am sure it is a true story..

Here goes.. friend’s senior Alex was attending camp in Noordin Camp of Pulau Ubin..

In the middle of the night..Alex suddenly had the urge to answer nature’s call…so he went to the toilet that was near the campsite..After he finished his business…being a very vain guy..he decided to comb his hair…

While he was doing that..he realized that his reflection was smiling..He was shocked as he knew that he was not smiling..then he put his hand to his mouth to make sure that he is not smiling..however the reflection was not doing what he was doing but continued to smile instead…

On seeing this..He screamed with all his might and this caused the teachers and the other campers to run towards the toilet..The teachers tried to calm him down…

On returning to the main island…Alex’s mother brought him to several monks and priests.. It was only several months later that Alex dared to look into the mirror again..

So next time when you are looking into the mirror…make sure that your reflection is doing what you are doing..or else..

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