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Possessed By Ghost

This story is a true encounter by a cousin of mine. It happened when he was in primary 4. I heard from my relative that it happened due to a puddle of water by the roadside.

My cousin was in the school bus. The bus was driving very fast and it run over a puddle of water and offended some “dirty thing”. The dirty thing then possessed my cousin. After my cousin was possessed, he became another person. He was not in his usual self. He became very timid. His family members felt that something is wrong with him. When he walks around in the flat, he always walk with his hands pressing against his chest and stick on to the wall while he is walking. He was afraid to see the god statue. He will not walk past that area where the god statue is located.

Then one day, his family then brought him to my grandfather’s house. My grandfather made him knee in front of the god statue and started praying and chanting verses for him. After awhile, my cousin began to vomit. Later he vomit out a moth. The moth then flew away and my cousin fainted on the ground.

When he woke up, he do not know what had happened and do not remember anything about being possessed. We also did not tell him that because we are afraid to frighten him as he is so young. So readers, please be careful not to step on any puddle of water if you see any on the roadside……

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