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The Thing On The Tree

This story was told by my mother……….it was back in the early 60′s when she was about 10 years old.

It was a normal weekday afternoon as she helps my grandmother with the housework………and after that, my mother went to accompany my grandma to fetch some water at the well (you know, in those days there is not much water tap in house, especially in kampungs).

As they were walking (the time was 12 noon sharp, according to my mum) my mother felt quite eerie as they were walking through this jungle to get to the well. There were many big trees around.

My grandma was walking up first as she didn’t hold my mother’s hand, so my grandma didn’t quite know how my mother felt then!!

Suddenly, my mum stop on her tracks as my grandma continue walking, on top of one of the big trees infront of her, she saw something…….. She saw a woman like shape dressed in all white, including covering the head standing on top of one the branches of the tree……My mum just couldn’t move, seeing that………and when she saw further, she realised the thing she saw is facedless………

When my grandma turned back later (because she didn’t see my mum following her)……..she realised my mum is liked being hypnotised.

Sensed something was wrong and being the supertitious type, she quickly carries my mum home, forgetting about fetching the water.

This thing happened back in the mid 60′s as stated above in Changi area kampung………hopefully the thing that my mum saw is no longer there….!!!

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