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Mona Fandi!

This incident happened to my friend’s cousin in 1992 at Toa Payoh.

At that time, my cousin’s friend by the name of ***** and her elder brother were alone at home as their parents were out to an invitation in …(Oops!Iforgot the name of the place) But whatever it is, they were alone. They were watching t.v when they were approached by their neighbour, Mona Fandi. At that time, Mona was not known as a devil follower and a murderer in that estate. So, they were not so scared of Mona. The reason why Mona approached them is to invite them for ‘lunch’. Guess what was the lunch?? It’s…..HUMAN HEAD!!!!!. So they both went to Mona’s house for lunch. They went in the house and waited for Mona to bring the food out from the kitchen. They did not suspected anything at that time until they smell something funny from the curry. Luckily they did not like curry that much. Before they started to taste the curry, they suspected another awful smell. This time, it was coming from the bedroom. They were so curious about the smell and so they made an excused that they wanted hot cofee. As soon as Mona went to the kitchen, they quickly went to the room where the smell came from. They were shocked to see bodies hanging upside down with blood all over the body. They ran out of the room and towards the door and to their house. Lucky for them that Mona did not chased them.

They told their parents about it and then they moved to their grandmother’s house. I don’t really know where they are now but probably they’re still safe.

So, go on and check out your neighbour and hope that it’s not another Mona Fandi.

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