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This story is told by a friend of mine by her teacher. My friend’s teacher told her class about an encounter experienced by a school servant of my ex secondary school. My secondary school is located in bishan. My school had an underground air rifle range. This air rifle range is quite spooky. Everytime i went there, i will feel very scared.

It was during night time, the servants in my school will go patrol the school to lock up the classrooms and check the surroundings to see whether is there any students or teachers who had not left the school compound. One of the servant went to the air rifle range to check. He walked down the stairs to the air rifle range. When he was there, he saw another servant sitting down in front of him. He could only see his side view. Later he shout loudly to that servant in malay, asking why he is taking a rest and not doing anything, trying to be lazy ah. The servant who is sitting down turn to look at him but the other servant could not see clearly who that servant is due to the darkness in the air rifle range.

When he finally saw clearly the servant’s face, he saw that the servant’s face has no features. He was so scared that he quickly ran away and quit his job the following day without any reason.

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