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My Father’s Soul

This happenned in the year of 1983. A week after my father’s death, we(my mom,sis and myself) were griefing over my father’s death. We missed him dearly as he was the best Dad in the whole wide world.

Anyway……it all started on the night after a week my father died. Two of my mother’s brother had to stay with us because we were young and mom had to work in the night shift. The phone was ringing for sometime and nobody had wanted to answer, so i woke up and as i opened the door, i saw a white figure to my right sitting on the sofa. I rubed my eyes to make sure what i’m really seeing is true. As i look up to see ‘it’ again, to my astonishment the white figure that i saw was my father. He turned his head towards me and just look straight at me. I can’t really say that i was scared but it happenned so fast……i didn’t had time to scream. I lost my dad in an accident while he was on his way to work. His leg was crushed by the lorry. Why i’m telling you this is because i saw my dad sitting on the sofa without his legs!!!!!!!!!!!

The phone was ringing continously and as i approached to answer, the ringing stopped. I ran back to the room and waited for dawn to come. When i told my uncles about it or whether they heard the phone rang….they laughed. They even joked saying ‘maybe your father put ear plugs into our ears.’ I found that not funny at all.

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