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Pontianak At Geylang

The story was told by my father two weeks ago…

Every day, after my father went back from work at 7pm, he use to pray his evening prayer at the MALAY VILLAGE SURAU(A small mosque). After praying, he and his friend likes to stay until 10pm. They talk & joke together. After 10pm he went home.

The next evening after his prayer, there is one lady who work as a salesgirl next to the SURAU told him and his friends that after they went home, at about 11.30pm she wants to close the shop, she saw a Pontianak sitting infront of the SURAU entry. When she looks at it, it just stare at her. She was scared that she call her husband. Then her husband read some prayer then the Pontianak fly away.

Then one of the cleaner say it was true. It was the Pontianak’s place. Sometimes, the cleaner also saw it and don’t bother.

Soooo…to all the malay people, if you want to pray at the SURAU, don’t stay until 11pm. It’s haunted.

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