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As usual, i always chat at night in my room, the door shut close. It is the usual routine everynight. But one fateful night….it was about 2 in the morning.

All my family members were sleeping and the surrounding was silent……I was typing as usual chatting with my friends at the irc… Suddenly, my mouse pointer move by it self… hair stood on the end!!! Not only that… i hear gigling outside my corridor…. Suddenly i was disconnect from the irc…..I then quickly get out of my room and wake my parents. I told them about the incident. When they got to my room, the computer had been shut down by itself. How could it been possible as i did not remember of shutting it down. As for me, i was been scolded for chatting at night…

As i being to recap the channels i got that night, i began to remember that one of the channels i log in is #kubur…means graveyard. I was testing all channel by typing channel names. There is only one “Female” chatter there. She just keep quiet even though i disturb her like hell…..After i keep quiet and did not bother her, i think she began to revenge back and disturb me….. just beware of the irc ok? This a true story……

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