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Weird Sensation

My birthday was coming soon, since it was nearing the exams, my pareants decided to have it early at my aunt’s house. My aunt, although she loves me very much and likewise, I disagreed to have my birthday at her place. It is rumoured that her house was haunted by the previous owner (Her house is a second hand house.), an old mean man was the previous owner (I got this peice of little info from my parents.).

My aunt was devastated at hearing my disagreement. But then, I finally gave in and had my birthday there. But things started to take a weird turn…. As soon as I blew out my birthday candles, the lights blacked out. Cold air blowed in…. the weird thing was, my aunt’s house was air conditioned and the windows had to be closed…all of them. My whole family huddled together in fear.

Then suddenly, a misty figure of an old man appeared in front of us. We screamed. The lights went back on and everything was back to normal. My aunt moved in with us to live that very night.

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