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The Statue

This happened in the last unit that I had served.

You all see there is this statue of a soldier that is standing on top of a dial in the center of the camp. And this statue is said to well and alive until now.

In 1999, I was promoted to a sergeant, and was given the duty of a guard commander 2IC. It was the 0200 to 0400 shift in the morning. The so called graveyard timing.

I sent two guards out to do their prowling rounds, after about sitting in the guardroom for about 10 minutes, I thought of getting a drink from the vending machine located just outside the guardroom.

It is at this moment, I saw the two guards running back, I was about to scold them why did they come back so early. But when I look at their faces, I knew something was wrong.

After calming down the two of them, one of them managed to say “S..Sergeant! Sergeant!The…The statue is missing!!!”

I was shock, I walk out towards the building where the statue is located to take a look. I was only about 5 meters away from the guardroom when I saw the dial. The dial is empty!! Where is the statue??

Next moment I heard running footsteps and battle cry from a single soldier much like when we do our training. The weird thing is, it is 0215 in the morning and why is this guy in a full battle order!!! That includes the rifle, the webbing and so on.

As the soldier ran past me, it turned its head, I saw the eyes, it is a glowing red. I immediatly rushed everybody back into the guardroom and stayed there till dawn.

At 0630, I walk out and I saw the statue NOW standing on the dial as it had always been. I carefully walk up to it and take a close look at it. Well… his eyes are painted RED!! So was it him I saw? Up till now, no one was able to answer me….

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